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New Website Launched Promoting Live TV Games in the UK

April 8, 2008

Getting all the information you need about your favourite TV show is not always as easy as it sounds with the confusing amount of similar channels broadcasting similar programs. Fortunately, finding the correct information has just been made a lot easier with the launch of a new website .

Andrew, who is the webmaster of the new site said “Changing channels has always been a problem and left many gamers confused and frustrated when their favourite program is no longer on the channel they expect. Providing up to date information on the internet will make it much easier for players to pick the games they want on the channels they can receive.” This is the second website of a similar nature opened by the webmaster and provides a much easier menu and navigational system.

If you want to learn more about the current TV channels or games offered then the site is a great resource for information including news and promotions. Partnering with Netplay plc who are the original pioneers in UK TV casino gaming the website has been created to give players any information they may require about the games such as broadcasting times, channel numbers and even offers a few strategy guides as well as how to play tutorials. Learning the games offered is fairly simple and the betting odds and payouts are all listed on the site for reference.

The UK has seen a growth in online gambling over the last few years and the webmaster expects the site to be of great interest to viewers of the live casino TV program. To play gambling games in the UK residents are required to be 18 or over. Realising not everyone can afford to gamble and playing is a great deal of fun the webmaster has also included details on how players can sample the games and play for free. Overall is a great resource for UK residents to discover this new breed of interactive gambling.

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