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Starting to update some old sites

September 10, 2012

The time has come where I have to finally update my first sites and

The sites have sat for a while now, around 4 years, without the need for many updates but the latest changes in some search engines means that both sites finally needs refreshing and updating. I bought the sites back in 2008 at the same time, both sites were hand built page by page making them a pain to update. I have been collecting domain names and their variations on this topic for a years now, so its time to put the best domains to use.

The first step is to shift over to the unhyphenated domains and and then set up the website forwarding for all the variations I have. This includes 301 redirecting the following addresses to the new domains.

After that i have done all that and waited a few days for everything to settle down and google to pick up the change of address its time to start rebuilding the sites from scratch.

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