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Faster is Better in 2010

November 15, 2009

SEO is about both onsite and offsite optimisation and today I came across a fantastic set of tools and links from Google which can help with on site optimisation. Google who are the first and only choice of search engine for most people want the internet to go faster so they are on a mission to speed it up. According to an article on (here …) the speed of a website may actually be a future factor in its ranking.

Google have opened up a whole new section of their site dedicated to articles and tips with plenty information about how to improve a websites speed at

This means in the future I will be optimizing my websites for speed as well as the other optimisations.

So far today I have been working on a few of my sites after using the (page speed) plug in for firefox.

Firstly i have been optimising my images and turning them into .png (portable network graphics) and trimming out the white spaces in any JavaScript files. The firefox plug in mentioned above actually optimises your images for you – so all you need to do is save them to your computer and then upload the new optimised image to your site and then change any html code for the images.

I have also managed to compress the html code page in my websites script using PHP’s gzip function, this has massively reduced my page size which will also help with bandwidth.

Sample from one of my pages. before gzip 21.67 kB (22,192 bytes) after gzip 4.06 kB (4,158 bytes)

Compressing the script was done by adding the following line of php code to my index page script at the very top.

<? ob_start( ‘ob_gzhandler’ ); ?>

Also compression can be turned on in your control panel if you have hosting with a Cpanel.

Further links about site development.

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