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ANETICO is now trademarked in the UK

August 25, 2009

The first of the ANETICO ® trademarks has finally come through. It took approximately 3 months from the application date to get accepted. After applying for a trademark an examination is carried out to ensure it meets the requirements. If the application is accepted the trademark then sits for two months on the trade marks journal website for opposition purposes. No one objected to my mark and as from the 17th of July 2009 the term “ANETICO” ® is now trademarked covering class number 35. A registered UK trade mark has to be renewed after 10 years so that gives me plenty of time to grow my business further.

Class 35: Advertising; advertising services provided via the Internet;

Proof of the trademark can be found on the UK’s government site covering trademarks and other intellectual property at the following web address.

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