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Here are a few frequently asked questions about Anetico ® Limited.

What is Anetico ® Limited?

Anetico ® is a UK networking internet company which designs and builds websites in order to promote products through affiliate marketing.

What does the word Anetico mean?

The company name is a combination of “A Networking Internet Company”

What sort of sites do you build and promote?

A few examples of the sites maintained by this company can be found in the sites portfolio which can be selected from the side of the page.

Who owns the company?

The company is owned and run by Andrew Fullard who has been working online marketing products since early 2004.


Anetico ® LTD is a UK registered company number: 06860193
VAT registration number: 982 8613 78

ANETICO and Anetico are Trademarked in the UK:
Trade mark number: 2513134 – Registration date: 17th July 2009

Anetico is Trademarked in the UK:
Trademark number: 2523280 – Registration date: 13th November 2009

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